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The order of topics....

Hello Pastor Rick,

I've looked through everything in the control panel and can't find the one option I'm looking for.

I posted 21 topics under the Women of Worth forum. This pushed the last topic in the list to page 2. Problem being, is that the topics don't run from top to bottom in the order I've posted them.

Instead, each time I do a new post, it orders the posts from bottom to top. Problem being, the 21st topic that is put over to page 2, is actually the first thing that should be read, but may be entirely missed because of the backwards type ordering.

Isn't there an option somewhere where the order of the posts can be changed to where the newest posts go under the last post, going from top to bottom by order of date and time????

Thank you
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Re: The order of topics....

Controlling the topic order is limited at present but requests have been made which will improve this over the next few months.

Right now, the best option is to use the moderation option to make a topic "sticky" which means that topic gets a priority by being placed one the first page near the top. If you only have one topic marked as "sticky" it will always be the first topic on the page. One way to look at it is to think of the topics as being in two groups, the sticky topics always try to go to the top and they are sorted by the latest post first in priority. The other group tries to get as close as they can to the oldest "sticky topic" but they are also sorted by the latest post first in priority.

This link will give you some additional ideas on how to get things in the order you want them to be in emoticon


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