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YouTube Videos on Runboard

Runboard allows the embedding of a YouTube video in message posts by using the YouTube video 11 digit ID. To see how this is done click here.

Message board owners might wish to change the default settings on their board so that the YouTube videos do not break the layout and design of the message board. To see how this is done click here.

Some people have been told they cannot watch YouTube videos unless they upgrade their computer or change operating systems. In most cases this really is a good idea anyway but if you happen to be "stuck" with a Windows98 operating system then there is a really good chance that you can get your Windows98 system to play the YouTube videos.

You need to download and run this file from MicroSoft first then download and install this patch from Xeno to get set-up. This should let you view the YouTube vids if you have Flash 10 installed. If you do not have Flash 10 installed because your system cannot handle it then try installing this really late version of Flash 9 which lets most videos run on a Windows 98 SE machine.

There might be some problems getting the Flash 10 to work depending on how your system is configured but the details of how to deal with that are discussed here.

This is not a guarantee that you can get it to work but the odds are very good that the above steps will work. emoticon


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