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Adjusting the height of the forum and topic lists

Now this one is a bit on the sneaky side. I was asked how to adjust the height of the forum and topic lists so they were "skinny, like at the new Runboard Support." I never thought about it before but it appears that if you want to adjust the height for those two you will be looking at either adding to a entry that looks something like this:

.ak_fl_forumrow_mouseover_off, .ak_tl_topicrow_mouseover_off {background:#EEEEF1;padding:2px;}
.ak_fl_forumrow_mouseover_on, .ak_tl_topicrow_mouseover_on {padding:2px;}

or changing the number I have showing in the larger text to suit your boards design needs. The default setting is 5px so to get bigger you go above 5px and to get smaller your go below 5px.


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