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Multiple Separator colors for your board


zeppo11uk said:
At present when I add a separator to my different forums they all appear in the same colour.
How do I change the colour so you get for examples "Sport" being green, "Music" being red, "News" in blue etc etc

The following solution is from Lesigner Girl:

Go in to "Arrange Forums" and add <div>s around each category/separator name, giving them each an appropriate id. For example, if your category/separator name is "Main forums", you might want to use "main_forums" or just "main" as your id, like so:

<div id="main">Main forums</div>

Save those changes, then go into your CSS and look for .forumlist_separator_td

Between the { and } that come after that, add:

padding: 0;

If you don't see .forumlist_separator_td already in your CSS, then just add this:

.forumlist_separator_td { padding: 0; }

Also, add this:

.forumlist_separator_td br { display: none; }

For each of the categories, define them with a # before the id, defining padding and your backgrounds there.

Using the "main" example from above:

#main {
   padding: 3px;
   background: #cccccc url(http://url_to_background_image.gif) top left repeat-x;

Change the parts in blue to suit your needs.

An added benefit to using ids instead of class names is that you can actually link directly to a category, which is great if you have a lot of forums. To link to the "main" category, you would use this:

<a href="">Text for people to click on</a>

Notice the number (#) sign with both the css and with the link. [original posting was made in Runboard Support here.]

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