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Adding email addresses in posts and signatures

I used to think that was not possible under the Runboard system (unless you are talking about the line at the bottom of the posting area where it says "send Email to ...").

There is a way though which protects your privacy from the spam bots and allows you to post a pic with your Email in a post.

1st you need a tiny email url like the one generated at or (both 3rd party providers).

2nd The code (using myself as the example and the first provider):


Replace the part I have in red with the url given to you at Scrim ( and replace the part I have in blue with the url of your own pic. If you do this correctly then you should end up with something like this:


You still don't get to do a straight click to email because you have to first click to show you are human but it is close and you can use the code in either posts or signature blocks.


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