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Changing the post list command separators

So you have everything set the way you want it except for those pesky separator bars (that look like this: |). Those little elements are all wrong you say because they don't match the theme or color scheme of your board. Now you can do something about it. emoticon

Say for example you wanted the commands separated by the dash mark and you wanted the dashes to be fuchsia colored.

To do this you would go into your control panel and:

1. Go to your Custom Language Set (CLS)
2. find the entry that says post_list_command_separator
3. Replace what you see there with this (I am making the dash fuchsia colored so you can see where it goes):

<span class = "post_cmd_sep"> - </span>

4. Hit the "submit" button/link to save that part then go to your custom CSS.
 (Control Panel -> Board management -> Edit colors and theme -> CSS management).
5. Somewhere in your custom CSS paste this bit of code:

.post_cmd_sep {color:#ff00ff;}

6. Hit the "submit" button/link to save your work and you are done emoticon

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