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Graphic beside name in member list

I went exploring for a method of placing a graphic beside a members name last year when a friend of mine passed away and I just couldn't bring myself to remove him from the members list. This year it happened again and I am certain that other board owners go through the same anguish so here is the code I used.

/* In Memory R.I.P. */
.ak_msg_seememberlist_user_td1 a.ul_username:link, .ak_msg_seememberlist_user_td1 a.ul_username:visited, .ak_msg_seememberlist_user_td2 a.ul_username:link, .ak_msg_seememberlist_user_td2 a.ul_username:visited {
    height: 16px;
    padding-left: 20px;
    background:url('') top left no-repeat;

Notice that for each user you want to give a special graphic to you have to name that person four times because you do not know which column the user will end up in as your board membership changes.

If the user has a space in their name (like I do) you also have to use the underscore instead of a space. Lastly, the username needs to be in lowercase.

The graphic must be 2 pixels shorter than the line height to avoid breaking the layout. So in the code above the height says 16px and my little tombstone graphic is 14px high.

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