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Runboard Official Notification

Many congratulations on coming in 1st in the Runboard staff selected weekly poll with 10 votes! The results are here:

Your board is now on display at the top of The Runboard Directory for a whole week. We will see you in the June Runboard Battle of the Picks Competition.

The Runboard BotW winner is also promoted in the Wall of Honor at The Runboard Directory, where it will be listed for a full year.

It is our way of saying thank you to the people and board owners that make a BotW winner a special place to visit.


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Re: Runboard Official Notification

Thank you Susa and all of the Runboard RDS staff who voted for me.

For those who visit please feel free to make suggestions on how this board can be improved or on things you would like to see or know how to do in creating your own Runboard.


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