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***Vote for your Board! RDS 2016 Thunder & Lightning Finals!***


The time has now come around for the Big Battle for Board of the Year.
Your board has gone through Board of the Week and Board of the Picks. This is the Final Leg.

Congratulations on getting to the Final.

The Board of the Year is (1) direct vote plus two (2) comment/votes for you to win. Therefore, you can make 3 votes for the board you want to win. First you make a positive comment about your board telling why you think your board should win. That is vote 1. Next you vote in the poll. That is vote 2. Twenty four hours later, you can make another positive post about your board telling what is good about your board and that is vote 3. Be sure you wait 24 hours or that second comment won't count.

1) Please Click HERE
2) Reply to the topic
3) THEN Vote for your Board to win and become Board Of The Year 2016.

• Please read the Rules Here
• Remember No MPDs (Multiple Personally Disorder, ie multiple Screen Names) allowed.
• You must be a member of Runboard Directory to vote. Membership is granted after you post once.

At Runboard Directory we understand that several people sometimes share a computer. To be fair notify Pastor Rick HERE if more than one Runboard person in your home will be voting. In your PM please include all voting Runboard screen names. Pastor Rick will keep a record of the voters/commenters, so you only need to tell him the first time. Votes and/or comments made from the same IP without notifying Pastor Rick first will be discarded.

The voting will be closed at January 28, 2017 at 9:00PM CST.

I will come by periodically to check to see if there are any questions or concerns. You may also PM any questions to the RDS Director Pastor Rick.


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