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Blue Weave

A CSS linear gradient background (no image host required).

/* CSS Background */
body {background: #B3E1FF; /* fallback color */
linear-gradient(60deg, transparent 75%, transparent 75%, rgba(255,255,255,.7) 75%) 0 0,
linear-gradient(245deg, transparent 75%, rgba(25,250,245,.6) 45%) 0 0,
linear-gradient(60deg, transparent 75%, rgba(255,255,255,.7) 75%) 7px -15px,
linear-gradient(245deg, transparent 75%, rgba(25,255,245,.8) 45%) 7px -13px,
#3399ff; /* sets the primary color for the pattern */
background-size: 4px 40px}

The background treatment created by the CSS will look like this:



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